May 12, 2018

Technologies & Machines: Getting started with the Datron NEO

We are running tests with our new high precision milling machine Datron NEO - and it's great!

As we announced earlier last month, we are partnering with Datron, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of milling machines. Part of this partnership is us integrating the Datron NEO into the Fab Lab Berlin machine portfolio. The machine is an all-rounder for both small batch production and rapid prototyping which makes it the perfect machine for Fab Lab Berlin.

The Datron NEO allows for generating a high surface quality and intricate engraving when using small tools. It's ideal for a wide range of applications and millable materials. For instance, you could mill mechanical components for mobility or medtech products which have to meet strict standards in terms of precision and reliabliity.

The stand-out feature of the machine is it's Plug-and-Play approach: unlike most other CNC milling machines, this one allows users quickly to control the 3-axis CNC milling machine due to its user-friendly software concept. Some of the commands can be executred similar to using a smartphone with swiping gestures. Assistant functionalities and an integrated camera help the user to successfully start the milling process in just a few steps.

Stay tuned for use cases!


Managing Director

Written by

Daniel Heltzel

focusses on the lab's International Relations, its Responsible Research & Innovation strategy and Innovation Facilitation.

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