May 15, 2017

Action project: Distributed Design Market Platform

A EU-funded initiative to support makers in their efforts to bring products to the market.

Coordinated by IAAC Barcelona, this project aims to foster the development and recognition of emerging European Maker and Design culture by supporting makers, their mobility and circulation of their work, providing them with international opportunities and highlighting the most outstanding talent.

It should improve the connections among makers, designers and the market, providing thus tools, strategies, guides, contents, education, events, networks in order to enable them to commercialize their creations. The overall goal is to stimulate and develop a genuine Europe-wide programming of Maker activities in order to contribute to the development of a vibrant and diverse European Maker and Design culture that can be experienced by a broad range of audience across Europe and beyond as well as to enhance the creation of work and of financially sustainable business activities by makers and designers.

We are happy to support the project as a partner amongst many others. We'll support makers to bring their solutions to market by increasing their visibility and by matchmaking with business partners!


Managing Director

Written by

Daniel Heltzel

focusses on the lab's International Relations, its Responsible Research & Innovation strategy and Innovation Facilitation.

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