April 10, 2018

Research project: ecoMaker

Green making in the making at Fab Lab Berlin!

ecoMaker has arrived at Fab Lab Berlin and with it we will host many cool events around sustainable making in the next two years. To kick off the project we will host our first eco-making hackathon for students from Georg-Schlesinger Schule on April 24 and April 25 here at Fab Lab Berlin. While this is not a public event quite yet other events for our community to join will follow soon. One of our first hands-on projects in the lab will be building machines that can turn plastic waste into unique products. If you want to help us build these machines, have cool ideas for sustainable DIY projects and hacks or want to learn more about eco-design join our Meetup Group or participate in one of the upcoming events, like our eco-making session at re:publica 2018. To stay tuned for this and other exciting projects at Fab Lab Berlin sign up for our newsletter or just visit us on Open Lab Day, every Friday at 5 PM.

You can also support the ecoMaker project by filling out this short survey on what you think about sustainability in Fab Labs.

Curious about the machines that turn plastic waste into things? Check out our friends from Precious Plastic.


Project Manager & Coordinator of ecoMaker project

Written by

Julian Ringhof

has a background in Engineering and manages different projects at FLB. He's also the sustainability coordinator for the ecoMaker project.

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