June 23, 2018

Distributed Design Market Award Berlin 2018: Isabelle Tellié!

Isabelle Tellié is a designer/activist who is currently developing an easily reproducable and customizable tiny house.

As part of the DDMP project coordinated by IAAC/Fab Lab Barcelona, we awared community member Isabelle Tellié the Distributed Design Market Award Berlin 2018. The award includes funding for participating in the prestigious IAAC Global Summer School (which will take place at Parc de la Villette - Jean Jaurès 211 Paris, 75019 France on the 2sd to 14th of July). The summer school will bring about networking opportunities as well as trainings on related business modelling.

Isabelle Tellié is a Berlin-based designer/activist who works at the intersection of Creative Technology and Local Manufacturing. Her current project is to develop a tiny house that is easily reproducable and customizable. We felt that her approach is super interesting in times of housing shortage and an increasing relevancy of temporary use of space in metropolitan areas. Isabelle's tiny house blueprint could be used by makers all over the world to manufacture customized versions, tailored to individual needs of local people and small businesses.

Congrats, Isabelle!


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Daniel Heltzel

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