Fab Lab Berlin's crew is a mix of talented professionals and interns dedicating their life to make our lab ever more innovative, educational, supportive and inclusive while having a good time.


Fab Lab Berlin dream team makes sure the lab runs smoothly throughout the year providing people with professional and friendly support.



Stefan Knorr

has a growing experience in prototyping, primarily in CNC machining. Stefan likes designing and building.


Industrial Designer at Makea

Coerte Voorhees

Coerte Voorhees is a Berlin-based industrial designer, actively engaged in the fields of consumer electronics, medical devices, and eyewear.


Art Director

Cindy Beuhlah

is an art director & artist based in Berlin. Being involved at Fab Lab Berlin, she now consider herself part of the maker community.


Managing Director

Daniel Heltzel

focusses on the lab's International Relations, its Responsible Research & Innovation strategy and Innovation Facilitation.


Industrial and medical designer

Lorenz Nasdal

Lorenz is a passionate Industrial designer from Berlin, who studied at Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin.


R&D for the ADDcarbori Project at Makea

Park Geun Woo

Born in South Korea and studied Fine Arts at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.


Project Manager & Coordinator of ecoMaker project

Julian Ringhof

has a background in Engineering and manages different projects at FLB. He's also the sustainability coordinator for the ecoMaker project.


Textile Lab Manager

Karina Wirth

started to work at Fab Lab Berlin in 2015, where recently became our Textile Lab Manager and working on funded project TPL.


Fab Lab Berlin wouldn’t be possible without our passionate intern troop. Make sure to offer them a

 next time you see them running around Fab Lab.

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