Meetup: Reflecting About the Future of Manufacturing and Work

Let's discuss how production and work are changing and which implications this brings for us!








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In September 2017, the London-based makerspace and think tank Machines Room and a research group at the Royal College of Art called Distributed Everything presented the well noticed exhibition “A New Normal”. It highlighted actual use cases of people who are making products for a world beyond mass-production, utilizing the possibilities of decentral, digitally supported and shared fabrication.

For MakeCity Festival 2018 and supported by the British Council, Vitra, Machines Room London, Fab Lab Berlin and weißensee kunsthochschule berlin revisit the topic by looking at the intersection of the future of production and work in the metropolitan area of Berlin and beyond. In this meetup, managers and researchers from various backgrounds such as Raphael Gilgen (Vitra), Nat Hunter (Machines Room London), Christiane Sauer (weißensee kunsthochschule berlin) and Daniel Heltzel (Fab Lab Berlin) will exchange ideas with the participants about how new technologies and changing social habits are transforming our work spaces, objects of work and ways of working.

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Managing Director

This event is hosted by

Daniel Heltzel

focusses on the lab's International Relations, its Responsible Research & Innovation strategy and Innovation Facilitation.


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