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In this bi-weekly Musical Instrument Maker Meetup and workshop, a community around Julian Vogels discusses ideas of novel musical instruments – it doesn't matter if they're physical, analogue, or digital.

You can join the group with your personal project or get inspired to start a new thing. They provide help with electronics, software development, 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC milling, and of course with getting the concept right and testing your new instrument.

The meetup is a free event, and it is free for anyone to join. It is a plus if you already have at least some basic experience with, e.g, Arduino or Raspberry Pi, and some programming language (can be visual, like Pure Data).

See you there!

Event host


CTO & Co-Founder

This event is hosted by

Julian Vogels

is a music technology engineer, IoT developer and co-founder of Hong Kong / Berlin startup Soundbrenner.


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