Fix It Meetup

Join the Technological Disobedience. We all know items are design to break and be discarded.




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The meetup is limited to 12 people in order to be comfortable and do a proper job and a proper learning. It may be extended for more people in the future depending on demand and the general feeling. For now, please update your RSVP as soon as possible to give the chance to someone else to assist if you decide not to come.

Bring anything you would like to fix and see it working again. Electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, optic device... anything. Simple things are fun and the result is always great, like a lamp. Btw, my experience with optical devices is huge. Bring whatever you want, simple or complex and expensive. I want to see what you have. If any spare part is needed to repair your device you will need to get it, otherwise you will get the satisfaction of repairing it yourself for free.

For small electronic devices (Laptops, cell phones, eReaders, cameras...) It would be great if you can do a small research about your device and the problem you are having and bring it to the meetup. At least to get instructions to how to open it, as they use to be tricky.

If you have any questions write a comment instead of private messages, as some others may have the same doubt, thanks. Ready!?

See you soon

Event host


Project Manager & Coordinator of ecoMaker project

This event is hosted by

Julian Ringhof

has a background in Engineering and manages different projects at FLB. He's also the sustainability coordinator for the ecoMaker project.


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